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apparently, you can name a bird if you adopt it. [x]


apparently, you can name a bird if you adopt it. [x]


Lorenzo Quinn born 1966 in Rome, is an Italian sculptor and former actor. He is the fifth son of actor Anthony Quinn. Father had a profound influence on him, both in terms of living in the limelight of the film world and with rescpect to Anthony’s early work in painting and architecture.

Lorenzo studied at the American Academy of Fine Arts in New York and subsequently in workshops and foundries across the United States and Europe.

Starting out as a painter in 1982, soon discovered that a dimension was missing from his works and that could not offer anything that had not already been offered by other artists before him. Turning to sculpture because of a deep-rooted need to create, Lorenzo Quinn found this medium allowed him to convey his innermost feelings to the viewer; it is, in fact, this direct communication which Lorenzo constantly seeks.

Lorenzo Quinn says,

“It is the viewer that interests me not the art critic…I make art for myself and the people who wish to come along for a ride through my dreams.”

Quinn is inspired by the great masters such as Michelangelo, Bernini, Carpaux and Rodin.

Lorenzo Quinn is regarded as one of the leading contemporary sculptors in the world.

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